Quality for the Customers = Value for the Company, the Employees, the Society and the Investors Environment for the Society = Value for the Customers, the Company, the Employees and the Investors

Global leader in specific markets by unique technologies

  1. Sound profitability
    We strive to ensure sound profitability in order to realize dynamic progress and contribute to the society as a company.
  2. Honest company
    We comply with laws and regulations and engage in fair and transparent transactions.  We take firm actions against any antisocial individuals and entities.
  3. Proper handling of confidential information and intellectual property
    We properly handle information of confidential nature.  We understand the importance of intellectual property and do not wrongfully use the intellectual property of any third parties.
  4. Respect for individual personality
    We respect human rights of every person without engaging in unfair discrimination and exercise our own willingness and ability to our maximum extent.
  5. Concern about the environment and the local community
    We protect the environment and deepen exchanges with the local community, thereby being a good partner of the society.
  6. Contribution to the region
    In the course of international business, not only do we comply with the laws and regulations of each country, but we also respect the local culture to contribute to the development of the local community.
  7. Proactive disclosure of information
    We proactively disclose information in a timely manner to stakeholders, including customers, shareholders and investors.