OBARA has transformed its organization to a pure holding company in October 2011 with the new trade name of Obara Group Inc., with the purposes of pursuing each operating company's expertise as well as expanding and cultivating its business, thus achieving improved business outcome as consolidated basis. The new Obara Group Inc. will serve as the centerpiece of the OBARA Group through establishment of the Group management strategies and its promotion and other overall administration.

Since the establishment of the company in 1958, we have always been an advocate for "customer-first" policy and never-ending technical innovation. Now our business operates in two main aspects, resistance welding equipment and surface polishing equipment, and both of these divisions have made their fair share of contribution to the industry and better society.

We are committed to making continuous effort to supply highest quality products and superior services in order to provide total satisfaction to our customers. We believe that it is our mission to create new products as a manufacturer. We always create new values by ourselves. Pursuing our manufacturing activities with our passion, OBARA will always strive for the better future.