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OBARA is one of the largest suppliers of total welding solutions.  OBARA is introducing resistance welding systems for automotive industry and arc welding tools for shipbuilding and construction industries.

Resistance Welder

Equipment to weld metal sheets mainly of car body.  A few thousand newtons of force and several thousand amperes of current generates heat, creating welding nuggets to weld the metal sheets together.

Equipment to weld steel parts by melting welding wires.  Gas supplied from the torch is protection of weld points as well as the source of heat for welding.

Polishing Business

SpeedFam products and services are mainly supplied for electronic and precision industries. SpeedFam polishing equipment is specific for very precise tolerences of workpieces such as silicon wafers and has applications in many other fields. Decades of experiences provide reliable solutions to the most advanced industries.

SpeedFam polishers are for material substrates used for electronic components on PC, mobile phones, etc.  Superior polishing flatness meets industry's rapid advancement.

Cleans most minute particles off from parts such as memory disks, flat panel display and other opto-electronic parts.  With correct analysis of the process SpeedFam offers reliable and efficient cleaning systems.

YAG laser is used typically for local welding of various metals by converged YAG laser beam.  YAG laser operates by laser light produced from optical pumping of YAG crystal.

SpeedFam confidently suggests and provides the best consumable sets including slurrys, abrasives, carriers, pads, and plates for a wide range of applications.